Tips to get job in 2013

New Year will bring whole lot of new opportunity to in terms of a new job. Whether you are a fresher or an experience professional, there are a lot of new opportunities coming to your way in New Year. Before you go further you need to make sure you read & follow below points before you start a job search.

  • Create a professional resume

    First impression is the last impression, and your resume is your first impression to your prospect employer, so make sure your resume looks professional and up to date. If you can’t getting your resume to look professional, (if you can afford) hire a professional CV writer service.
  • Create social network account and be active

    The process of recruiting is changing; more employers are now looking at social networking sites like LinkedIn, a popular networking site, for recruiting. It’s a must have thing for job seekers now. Facebook and Twitter account can also be helpful to your job hunt.
  • Get a blog

    You get to show the world (including your prospect employers) who you are as a professional and your expertise in the subject matter. By sharing your expertise & your personality, you're bulding a connection with your audience. That's how you attract your prospect employer(s) you really want to work with. You connect on a more personal level with your prospect employer(s).
  • Register on online job sites

    There is a ton of online job site that you can sign-up with. This is the easiest way you can get access to jobs. Get started with more than one website, you will get a lot of job opening from various sites, while registering make sure you fill up complete form also write a good cover and make sure your profile is searchable.
  • Be connected on Networks

    Join online communities, forums, groups related to your niche and help others by answering to their problem, help them by showing them right direction etc. become an subject expert and help others.
  • Create something for your community

    if you are in an IT related field, you must participate in open source projects. There are two advantageous of participating in open source project, first you will learn a lot while developing something from yourself, second you will get reorganization in the community, You never know someone in your community will like your work and hire you directly!
  • Attend walk-in jobs

    these seem a bit ordinary option but it’s really helpful, it’s kind of giving a test before the final. You will get good experience of what’s being asked in an interview, how to face difficult questions and what went wrong during the test interview. You can come back and sit at home and analyze what went wrong and try to fix those mistakes and for the next time, chances are you won’t repeat those mistakes and will probably overcome the mistakes you made during your last interview. There is a saying you learn by making mistakes :) So be prepared and do the above tips before applying for a job, if you follow these steps, hopefully you will get through the interview process pretty easily and will get your dream job in 2013!


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